TitleIn Time, Lost - Smash and Grab
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Game CodeRPG23ND220699
Start DateThursday August 03, 2023 - 9:00 am
End DateThursday August 03, 2023 - 1:00 pm
Tickets Available0/4
Short DescriptionIn the lawless Dark Ages, a fireteam must assault a Fallen outpost and prevent relics from the Golden Age from falling into the wrong hands.
Long DescriptionThis one-shot session uses a custom built system to tell stories inspired by the Destiny video game series. Players will take on the role of a newly risen Lightborn to defend humanity against hostile aliens and ruinous warlords. This session will introduce players to the rules and showcase the system’s high energy, fast paced combat and set the players against a crafty Fallen Vandal crew leader and her cutthroat thieves.
Event TypeRPG - Role Playing Game
Game SystemEarthwild
Rules Edition1st
Minimum Players3
Maximum Players4
Age RequiredTeen (13+)
Experience RequiredNone (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
RoomMeeting Room 9
GM NamesBryan Buschmann
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Email Contact[email protected]