TitleRising Sun Mini Tournament Entry Round
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Game CodeBGM19149883
Start DateSaturday August 03, 2019 - 12:00 pm
End DateSaturday August 03, 2019 - 2:00 pm
Tickets Available2/16
Short DescriptionCompete to have your Clan chosen as the best in the land, receiving rare & wonderous prizes for your efforts.
Long DescriptionRising Sun Mini Tournament The Kami have returned, and they are not pleased. They have decided to remake Japan using the tenants of whichever Clan can prove they are the strongest and wisest. In this tournament for Rising Sun, players will compete to have their Clan chosen as the best in the land, receiving rare and wonderous prizes for their efforts.
Event TypeBGM - Board Game
Game SystemRising Sun
Rules Edition1st
Minimum Players4
Maximum Players16
Age RequiredTeen (13+)
Experience RequiredSome (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
RoomHall C : CMON
GM NamesJohn LaFief, Chuck Hurd
Web Address
Email Contact[email protected]