TitleMadison Under Siege: Undying
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Game CodeRPG18125972
Start DateSaturday August 04, 2018 - 8:00 pm
End DateSunday August 05, 2018 - 12:00 am
Tickets Available6/10
Short DescriptionOsiris has summoned a group of the Undying & commanded them to go to Madison. Once there you are to report activity of the locals & the Nameless but not interfere.
Long DescriptionThis isn't a simple investigation as the barrier protecting Madison has fallen and the allies of the Nameless have started to siege the city. Will you do as you're told and just observe the fighting or will you assist? Players will be given a premade Mummy character with a full background history, stats, secrets and a goal set. Please contact us via Facebook or email to pick your character.
Event TypeRPG - Role Playing Game
Game SystemMummy: The Resurrection
Rules Edition1st
Group/CompanyTabletop Action Role Playing
Minimum Players5
Maximum Players10
Age RequiredMature (18+)
Experience RequiredSome (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
GM NamesJosh Guldan
Web Addresswww.facebook.com/MadisonUnderSiege/
Email Contact[email protected]