TitleQuantum Black Case File 0004: The Hungry Dark
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Game CodeRPG18126021
Start DateThursday August 02, 2018 - 1:00 pm
End DateThursday August 02, 2018 - 3:00 pm
Tickets Available0/6
Short DescriptionA Quantum Black team investigates a rash of grisly killings in modern Detroit. The mission: find the monster and bring it back - alive. Gamemastered by the game's creator!
Long DescriptionIn this adventure, the players play members of Quantum Black field team sent to investigate a spate of grisly killings. Not only must they find the Lovecraftian monster, they are expected to bring it back to headquarters alive for testing! In Quantum Black, players work for a top-secret arm of a mega corporation, investigating and stopping occult horrors. Quantum Black focuses on role-playing, investigation, and fast moving, action packed horror. This session is run by the game’s lead creator.
Event TypeRPG - Role Playing Game
Game SystemUbiquity
Rules Edition1st
Group/CompanyExile Game Studio
Minimum Players4
Maximum Players6
Age RequiredTeen (13+)
Experience RequiredNone (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
GM NamesScott Jones
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