TitleVox Machina Battle Royale
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Game CodeRPG19150787
Start DateSaturday August 03, 2019 - 5:00 pm
End DateSaturday August 03, 2019 - 9:00 pm
Tickets Available7/7
Short DescriptionYou are Vox Machina at level 20, and it's time to see who is the best of the best. Straight up battle - last adventurer standing.
Long DescriptionCharacter sheets will be provided as sourced from http://critrolestats.com. You will get to choose your character, but if more than one player wants the same adventurer, the dice will decide.
Event TypeRPG - Role Playing Game
Game SystemDungeons & Dragons
Rules Edition5th
Group/CompanyGreen Ronin
Minimum Players4
Maximum Players7
Age RequiredMature (18+)
Experience RequiredExpert (You play it regularly and know all the rules)
GM NamesMatt Robinson
Web Address
Email Contact[email protected]