TitleStargate Phoenix S1 Episode 2 "Watershed"
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Game CodeRPG20184275
Start DateSunday August 02, 2020 - 1:00 pm
End DateSunday August 02, 2020 - 5:00 pm
Tickets Available4/6
Short DescriptionA Living RPG Series is a living campaign in which, your character will live inside a Stargate canon series.
Long DescriptionYour success and failures will shape the story that plays out over a course of a “Season” of Episodes released over the coming year, culminating at Gen Con 2021! "Sanctuary" blurb: As part of the SG Phoenix team, you have been pushed hard during your training and missions. With much-needed rest and relaxation in Haven, you come upon a dispute about water rights, as the river is low. Can you settle the dispute, and resolve the issues before catastrophe ensues? This game requires that players pre-sign up at stargatetherpg.com and create a character. Pregenerated characters will be available, but we still need players to sign up on our website for the living series tracking.
Event TypeRPG - Role Playing Game
Game SystemStargate
Rules Edition2020 5e OGL
Group/CompanyWyvern Gaming
Minimum Players2
Maximum Players6
Age RequiredTeen (13+)
Experience RequiredNone (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
GM NamesBrad Ellis, Bill Mundt
Web Addressstargatetherpg.com/
Email Contact[email protected]